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Who is WatchDogJeff?

Jeff Church is an elected Trustee of the Washoe County School District serving since 2020 with his term ending in January 2025.

Jeff is a retired Reno Police Sergeant and a retired US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel (LtCol) Reserve. Jeff is a VFW Life Member and had multiple deployments in his career serving mostly in Intelligence. As a Police Sergeant, he founded the RPD “HELP” Homeless Program. He then founded and was Board President of Reno’s first 24 7 365 Homeless Center at 220 Bell St. It proved a huge success with reductions in crime and freeing up police for other duties.

The Air Force core values are Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in all we do. Jeff believes in those values and seeks to educate the public on issues and is not seeking the school board as a spring board for future positions unlike others.

Jeff holds two college degrees from San Diego State and Southwestern College and he holds certificates of training from law enforcement and the military too numerous to mention.

Letter From Jeff

The weaponization of the government against conservatives and free speech.

Misleading Information

Board deliberated and acted on repeated FALSE/ INACCURATE statements

School Board Needs YOU!

We are failing our children. The school board needs you.

Trustee Church files legal action vs WCSD

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A Report on the quality in Nevada at WCSD

WTH is Going On in WCSD?

What is going on at The Washoe County School District?

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